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Preventative Treatments

Preventative care is an essential feature of our clinic and we believe there are significant health benefits to regular oral health. To assist you to maintain healthy teeth and gums we offer a number of different treatments.


Hygienist - Focusing on the prevention and detection of dental disease by giving individual oral instruction and treatment to patients.

Fissure Sealants - This is a thin, plastic film that is applied to the chewing surfaces of back teeth creating a protective barrier which prevents food and bacteria getting into these teeth. This safe and painless technique thereby protects teeth and help prevent dental decay.

Mouth/Night Guards – Modern custom made mouth guards to protect the teeth from chipping during physical contact or moving objects which can cause broken or damaged teeth.

Diet Analysis – We can provide dietary advice to patients in order to maintain good oral health by taking a dietary history followed by appropriate goals and action plans.

Smoking-Cessation – Staining of the teeth, soft tissue changes and halitosis are aesthetic and social impacts of smoking directly related to oral health. With care on your part we can help you to maintain good oral health.