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Zoom teeth whitening

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A worthy environment for our patients


Our dental clinic is modern and very well equipped. Great effort has been made to create a stress free atmosphere. In fact, everything possible has been done to ensure the complete relaxation of the patient, at the same time creating a pleasant working environment for the dental team. Our cross infection control is of the highest standards and includes the use of computer controlled sterilizers, which are routinely monitored for accuracy.


  • The clinic is fully computerised allowing efficient appointment scheduling, recall system and clear patient chart presentation.
  • Fully air conditioned dental clinic to make your visits as comfortable as possible.
  • Intra oral cameras for precise pictures of the teeth and gums to support treatment plans.
  • Kodak digital x-rays whereby the patient sees the results of the x-ray almost instantly on a 17" screen using much reduced radiation than the conventional x-ray technique.