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Cosmetic Care

It is now possible to improve the look of your smile and achieve a long lasting natural appearance. Knowing how important the role of your teeth is in the appearance of your smile, we provide a variety of services to help create a confident smile.


White Fillings - Unsightly metal fillings can be replaced by natural coloured white fillings to improve the appearance of your teeth.

Crowns - Damaged or unsightly teeth can be covered with natural coloured porcelain crowns to improve their appearance. The porcelain crowns are carefully crafted to look natural and blend in with the surrounding teeth.

Veneers - Provide a wafer thin mask to hide discolouration on teeth and close gaps, usually with little work needed to the tooth itself.

Bridges - We can firmly fit a replacement tooth or teeth which are then carefully crafted to look natural and blend in with the surrounding teeth.

Dentures - A wide variety of denture materials are used to give a natural appearance with a firm fit.

Home Tooth Whitening - We use a system that will remove most stains and discolouration with a gentle action that will oxidize (bleach) stain within your teeth, leaving your teeth looking whiter and cleaner.

ZOOM 2 In Surgery Tooth Whitening - Advanced light technology creates whiter smiles in one visit. The light accelerates the whitening process without damaging your teeth

Botox - This treatment is now increasingly being used to reverse the signs of visible ageing and is ideal for the removal of frown lines, laughter lines and forehead creases.